Thursday, 25 November 2010

Jak's Choice

I followed the lad. Not my favourite part of the job, but with the new ones it was necessary. Sometimes they would do silly things that might cause problems for my associates and me. Not that many would believe them. That’s the beauty of using runaways with gifts. Even when they are caught, the law’s so quick to execute them that it never gets traced back. Every now and then though, some smart alec tries to warn the mark. Not good. They have to be eliminated, of course, but the mark is spooked, which makes more work for me. Now that I can’t be doing with.

Anyway, I had concerns about this one. Little cat boy. Too quiet, hard to make out. He didn’t even owe us that much, probably could’ve got away with a mugging, or a beating or two.  He didn’t even argue, just nodded, in that silent way of his. 

We had decided to call him Jakumi, after the big cats, for obvious reasons. It’s something that he managed to stay out of the guild so long. It’s not like he can hide the fur or anything. He must have some skill at not being caught. It’ll do him well in this game, so long as he doesn’t bottle this one.

We are in the right place, that’s always a promising start. The lad’s a bit of an archer, or so he says. Strung the bow up right, anyhow. Let’s hope he’s as careful with the arrows. We didn’t tell him about the toxicon poison on the tips. It’ll take him out as just the same as it would its intended target. Wouldn’t usually bother for a job like this, but the client wants it, so as they’re paying for it.

Now for the decision. You can see it in their faces, the first time. Weighing it up. They quickly learn not to think about it, it makes the job much harder. Poor little cat, having to pick whose skin he values most. Most people think they wouldn’t do it, no matter what. When it comes down to it though, few choose their own death. That’s what breaks them, the ones that don’t make it. The realisation that they are just as selfish as the rest of us. Little cat looks like he’s made his choice.

Good boy.

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  1. Good to see Jak make an appearance, I would love to know what happens next. Hehe.

    Keep it up.